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Our enterprise started to produce motorized pumps

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Gomel Engine Repair Plant is glad to offer you a wide range of products and services. The pumping outfit which is being produced by our plant is widely applied in the systems of mechanized milking and also in other spheres of national economy which’s processes demand creating vacuum pressure. Since 2004 there have been started a series manufacturing of vacuum pump VVN-70. This vacuum pump is one of vacuum outfit units supplied by our enterprise.  
The distinctive feature of our vacuum assemblies ( SN-60A, SN-120, SND-60 M, PVSN-60) is the water fill-up of vacuum pump is carried out only once, during the first launching, later on this is not required.     
The only thing to perform in the technical service is water level control in the tank of the vacuum pump. It is also important to emphasize that the vacuum assembly is ecologically safe in comparison with rotor vacuum assemblies as the working environment is water.
One more type of pumping outfit that we are glad to offer you is individual milking unit (AID-1 and AID-1C Alesya). It is meant to be used in farmhouses for individual mechanized milking of cows and also for milking cows in milk cash farms after calving. This vacuum outfit consists of liquid-packed ring vacuum compressor, water tank and milking equipment. The working environment of vacuum assembly AID-1 is also water. AID-1 can be supplied with milking equipment and without it.
Besides, we carry out a wide range of services for organizations and population;
-        current and thorough engine repairs,
-        repair and re-equipment of harvester combines and tractors,
-        re-equipment of cars and tractors,
-        repair of pumping stations and vacuum pumps,
-        carcass welding works,
-        welding and surfacing works in the environment of shielding gases of steel, cast iron and aluminum components,
-        implementing turning, milling, locksmith and grinding works.
A more detailed information can be found in sections repair, services, products of this site.