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Oktyabr Av. 27
Gomel, Belarus
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Plc «Gomel Engine Repair Plant» has started its activity since September 30, 1966. Its first products were thoroughly repaired diesel engines D-36, D-48, D-54. In 1971-1975 years the plant mastered repairing the engines of new modifications D-50, D-50L, produced by Minsk Engine Plant and installed to tractors “Belarus”. Now it started mastering other kinds of repair.
For several decades the plant has been repairing domestically produced machinery and having accumulated a significant experience in this sphere it became the first plant in our republic to fulfil reconditioning of diesel engines produced by well-known western companies Detroit Diesel and Caterpillar and became  the only service centre in Belarus for their in-depth repair.
Being all years a repair enterprise, and providing a wide range of repairs for agriculture, in recent years the plant has become a manufacturing plant to produce new products.
In 2007, new models of individual milking units AID-1"Alesya" and AID-1C "Alesya" were developed and introduced , which allowed to significantly reduce cost and increase the demand for these products.
In a joint manufacture with the Chinese company "Nigbo David Power", renovations to the site for assembly of small single-cylinder engines were completed in 2008, and already in March the first diesel engine DD-6 was assembled and successfully passed the break-in test.
This project has not only allowed to close the need of the plant in the single-cylinder diesel engines for the production of vacuum assembly SNM-60M, but also to successfully enter the market of the Republic of Belarus with other models of petrol and diesel engines from 2 to 9 kW. And shortly the assembly of new products such as motorized scythes MK-1, MK-2 and MK-3 were mastered at the same location.
In August 2008, the plant released prototypes of the sowing units AK-4F and AK-4G, designed for pre-processing of heavy and medium soils at the same time sowing the seeds of cereal crops, leguminous plants, cruciferous crops and grass seed, flax, grass mixtures, which have successfully passed the test on the farms of the Gomel and Buda-Koshelevo regions.
The plant was the only manufacturer of vacuum liquid-packed ring pumps in Belarus for more than 10 years. In 2009 the plant has reached a new level and qualified for implementing the certification of quality system  ISO 9001 for production of vacuum pumping stations and units of the individual milking. This enabled the company to receive honorary awards as the vacuum station CH-60A won the contest "Product of the Year 2008 Republic of Belarus" and   individual milking unit AID-1 "Alesya" became the winner of the contest "Product of the Year 2009 RB" in 2009. Continuing to develop a new product line in April 2010, our plant offered to the consumers motorized pumps, autonomous power units and individual milking units AID-1 A "Alesya", produced on the basis of already developed petrol and diesel engines. Today, the company continues to grow, develop and manufacture new equipment, improve technology, expanding the geography of deliveries. The director and the whole staff of the plant are to achieve the goal of implementing the program of modernization and technical re-equipment of the production, and on this basis to increase the production and sales of its high- quality products and services. This is planned to accomplish by the 50th anniversary of the plant.