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Oktyabr Av. 27
Gomel, Belarus
Tel. +375 232 56 80 50
E-mail: OAOGMRZ@yandex.ru

Sales department:

Tel/Fax : +375 232 56 86 05

Email: gmrz-marketing@mail.ru

Warranty and service Department:

Tel/Fax : +375 232 56 33 27 E-mail: servis-gmrz@yandex.ru

  A wide range of repairs  

Current repair and reconditioning of the following engines; D-240, D-242, D-242L, D-243, D-260, JAMZ-236; JAMZ-238; JAMZ-240; JAMZ-7512; DT530E E-Series-40 Detroit ; Caterpillar, single-cylinder compact, as well as their components and assemblies.





Repairs and renovations: UES-250 "Polesie", UES-2-250 "Polesie", KPK-3000 "Polesie", as well as their components and assemblies.
Re-equipment of the car families GAZ and ZIL, buses KAVZ with the installation of a diesel engine D-243 (D-245) instead of gasoline (using the diesel engine can reduce fuel consumption within 40%).
Repairs and renovations to the tractor T-150 with the installation of the D-260.1.34 (YMZ-236D).
Restorative repair of transmission of the tractors K-700 (701 A) and MT 1221, 2022, 2522.


Providing services in cutting metal at plasma cutting assembly and a variety of welding-bending works. Production of non-standard equipment.