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Gomel, Belarus
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Services, vehicle re-equipment

The organization offers a wide range of repair services

• Current and overhaul repair of engines of various models, as well as repair of their units and assemblies. 
• Repairs and renovations to combines KSK, UES, KPK, as well as to their components and assemblies. 
re-equipment of cars GAZ and ZIL, buses KAVZ. 
• Repairs and renovations to tractor T-150, MTZ-80 (82), as well as to their components and assemblies. 
• Restorative repair of transmission of the tractors K-700 (701A), MTW 1221. 
• Repair of manufactured vacuum pumping assemblies and vacuum pumps
 Vehicle re-equipment is offered by the plant for more than 15 years. It was started with the family of the GAZ-53 and ZIL-130. It was to install diesel engines D-240/243, 245 / of the Minsk motor plant. 

In 1998  the plant mastered the production of re-equipment of the wheel tractor T-150K with the installation of a diesel engine D-260.1.34 by Minsk motor plant. Since 1999 the plant has been making the remodelling of harvester KSK-100A with the installation of a diesel engine D-260.4 produced by Minsk Motor Plant.
Also, the organization performs the following activities

• Frame-welding. 
• Hard-Facing Welding of steel, cast iron and aluminium parts in gas-shielded environment
• Implementation of turning, milling, grinding and mechanical works.